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5659 Beechnut St. Houston, TX 77096
Birthday: June 24th

I have been working with children since 2009, and I have loved every moment of it! Being a mom of five girls has given me an extra special love for kids! In my class we have fun, we play, and we learn all sorts of new and exciting things! I am here to build a relationship with you and your child! I want this to be their home away from home! It is a tremendous pleasure to be your child’s teacher! Welcome to Pre-K 1!

My Favorites:

  • Drink: Sprite, Snapple (Kiwi Strawberry, Apple)
  • Food: All food as long as I can pick the onions out
  • Store: Rainbow, Walmart
  • Hobbies: Party Plan, Cook
  • Book: Coldest Winter
  • Season: Spring

I work with children because…I have an extra special love for ALL kids, and I want to make a difference to each of them!